Yoga in State College Teachers
Doug's schedule Doug Hayward has was introduced to Yoga thru a Philosophy course at Millersville University as an undergraduate in the early 70's. However, that exposure simply turned out to be a seed that didn't blossom until the mid 90's when he went to a Bikram class in West Reading Pennsylvania. Under the tutelage of Sarita Rocco, Doe Wails, Maryann Blefko, Joel Pier, JoAnn Morrell, Bikram, Jimmy Barkam, Eric Schiffman, Rama Berch and Bri Maya Tiwari he was introduced to the wonderful world of Asana and self discoverable meditation. His journey continued over a couple of years of practice till he became one of the first members of Yoga Alliance when their headquarters was in West Reading, PA. He went on from there on a trip to State College, PA to teach Yoga at a local Massage School and the Pennsylvania State University. Those opportunities continue to flourish to this day while at the same time he opened a small studio called Yoga in State College. Being an avid reader of antiquated Yoga Books, Doug helped to establish Yoga in State College as a portal of Yoga education for thousands of students thru the help of over 20 other teachers either living in the area or acquiring the knowledge of Yoga at the studio itself. He continues a tradition of Free Yoga Classes at Berks County's Heritage Center ~ every Sunday at 11:00 am from May to September.
Gretchen's schedule Gretchen is a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher at the 500 Level. She completed her training with Doug Hayward at Yoga in State College, where she continues to study, expand, and deepen her practice. Gretchen earned her 500 level certification at the Asheville Yoga Center ; Asheville North Carolina. Gretchen’s classes are a creative collaboration of various traditions and philosophies. Presented in an open-minded atmosphere which encourages the student to express his or her own unique energy and interpretation. All levels are welcome. Gretchen has specialized training in Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Meditation, and Yin Yoga (a.k.a. Lunar Yoga ~ Everyone is aware of the gravitational pull of the moon on the ocean. This class explores the impact of that gravitation on ourselves. Self- study through asana and pranayamas lead to a greater awareness of how and why we do what we do. This tradition explores our moon fusion, bringing about harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Gretchen is also an Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, registered through the International Center for Reiki Training, offering Reiki classes in all levels of both lineages.
Christine's Class Schedule Christine Suhr completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through YogaFit. She is a Penn State student and encourages everyone to practice yoga. Yoga has given Christine more self-confidence and personal awareness, and she hopes others discover and strengthen those same qualities in her classes. During Vinyasa Yoga, she encourages her students to focus on their breathing in order to practice connecting the mind and body. In her classes, you will learn how to move the body by following your breath. Generally, this means that we will be making one movement per breath as we flow through and within poses. Sometimes these movements are big, while others small. All levels are welcome and encouraged to come and deepen their yoga practices
Elle Morgan's Class Schedule A Cycle of 3 Classes. Elle Morgan offers three different offerings 2 weeks for each part. The first is Beginner Yoga. This is yoga for any BODY. If you have not stepped into a studio, or onto a mat, or If you feel you could not possibly do yoga "moves," this class is for you! We begin at the beginning. With easy explanations, and introductions to basic asanas postures that will ease you into your own pace, and comfort level. The second part is the Yoga of Public Speaking. Everyone is called upon to speak, either for work, or celebration, or school. Why not learn some comfortability? Focus on Pranayama, breathing techniques for relaxation, and Asanas for presence and posture, and transcending the ego to provide a “gift” of your speech. Lastly, Seva Yoga will be offered for free. Elle has a yoga and personal transformation retreat center in development in Clearfield County. If you would like to dedicate some service to this, please come for “free’ yoga and offer your Seva Yoga. Please check the weekly schedule to see what the offering is for the week! She has been a student at Yoga in State College for four years, since she and husband Terry moved to State College from Harrisburg. She is the director of The Elements of New Life Scripts and the facilitator of retreats -- campfire yoga, couples, solos, and health and wellness--at Halfmoon Hollow, Curwensville PA. Check out her website at
Jo Ohm's Class Schedule I practice and teach yoga to learn more about the body, breath and brain. I stress "one breath, one movement" in my practice, believing that focusing on the rhythm of one can help us control and relax the rhythms of the other. I'm a scientist so no fufu or fussing, we'll talk about muscles and joints so we can learn something too. As an ultra-runner, I also like to bring attention to areas/planes of movement that are underutilized or underdeveloped in runners, bikers, and the non-athlete. My classes cater to all levels, so we can modify or amp up depending on you. I received my 200hr teaching certificate from Yoga in State College and am inspired by Doug's words of wisdom: "Be happy now, for no reason whatsoever."
Ebony's Class Schedule Ebony began her yoga journey some years back while working at Websters Bookstore. Having always had an interest in learning the depths of being human and expressing that knowledge thru an open and caring realationship with others, Ebony sought out Yoga in State College thru an exchange program set up between Webster's and YISC based on booksales trade. Thru commitment, dedication and hard work Ebony challenged herself to take up and complete Teacher training to become as well versed as possible in the science of Yoga to be able to share the blessings of practice to others. She now challenges others to find the depths of determination deeply stored within to blossom "like a flower pedal blooming".
Jaime's Class Schedule Jamie Elyse Roth began her practice of yoga in 2010, where she took one class for fitness and relaxation, not knowing it would forever change her life. As a dancer from the age of 3, she welcomed the in-depth learnings about movement and anatomy offered by yoga. Her goal is to bring the benefits of yoga to everyone, helping them to strengthen the connection of the body and mind. Jamie combines her passions for Yoga and Choreography through her Dance Yoga classes. They involve mindful, connecting movements that culminate in a fun, invigorating sequence to assist in releasing stress and improving mind-body awareness. No experience necessary - all levels welcome!
Lynn Theodose Lynn dove into the adventure of yoga during her 10 years on the north shore of Kauai. In 2009 she received her Yoga Alliance certification from Yoga Hanalei, and has been teaching non-stop ever since. Over the course of thousands of teaching hours, Lynn has refined her personal teaching style into a holistic wellness system that combines detailed asana alignment, the wisdom of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, humor, compassion and a hefty dose of personalized attention. She views yoga as a tool for transformation on every level…including physical health, emotional balance, psychological stability, spiritual awakening and the ultimate yoga of relationships. With a deep respect for each aspirant’s personal journey, Lynn aims to help her students reach their highest level of health, happiness and harmony.
Lucy Coleman Lucy Coleman; Medical Doctor (MD), specialist in High Complexity Human Reproduction Fertility and Embryology. Now teaching Restorative Yoga
Lucy's Blog Sunday Afternoons at 2:30pm

Yoga is a science of living, and those who practice it are known as Yogis or Yoginis. Yoga has nothing to do with any particular caste, religion, or nation, and is therefore universally applicable and useful. Yoga sets up no particular God, or gods; neither does it deny the existence of God. It is a system of physical and thought culture. One may be a Jew, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or atheist and still be a student of Yoga, since it neither criticizes any religion, nor does it support one particular religion. Some Yogis may not recognize supernatural powers or the duty of man to owe allegiance to them. Still they may reach self-realization through self-knowledge by the practice of Yoga, besides the attainment of miraculous powers, such as perfect control of the mind and body, including even the involuntary organs of the body. As defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, Yoga is "a system of philosophic meditation and asceticism designed to effect the reunion of the soul with the universal spirit." This is true of certain forms of Yoga which are inextricably mixed in Hindu metaphysics, and, in a sense, it is true of Hatha Yoga. However, the average student need not concern themself overmuch with this definition. It should be sufficient for them to know that Yoga is a system of mental and physical training with prescribed postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. Although yogic exercises may be compared to physical culture exercises, they differ from them in many ways. They are not intended for the development of large muscles, as in physical culture. Nor are they aimed at merely disciplining the body. Yoga disciplines the mind as well as the body. The exercises of Yoga stand unparalleled among all the systems of physical exercises, because of the benefits they have to offer, a fact which the West has but too tardily grasped. Now that the knowledge of the East is being systematized and presented along Western lines, the West has become more receptive than before, and has even attempted to adapt it to her own needs in physical culture, and in medicine, dieting and nutrition. It is my belief that this century~ will bring about a closer understanding between the East and the West. Yoga teaches in easy, simple steps the control of the mind, its thought, and the whole body itself, though self-study and self-knowledge. There is nothing mysterious about it, as in black or white magic, nor, as is popularly imagined, does its scope and significance lie in the swallowing of crushed glass or cyanide, lying on beds of nails, or walking on hot coals. Hatha Yoga is only a form of "personal hygiene" which maintains perfect health in a human being through physical, mental, moral and spiritual training. The Yoga system which has been practiced in India since at least the time of the Epics, that is, 1000 B.C. (the excavations in the Indus Valley show the science was known in 3000 B.C.), supersedes modern knowledge of hygiene in many ways. It affords to us longevity, resistance to disease, the growth of a beautiful body, and mental and spiritual sublimation. Yogi Gupta 1958

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